ApsaraPearl was founded in 2013 to provide attractive, pre-market investment opportunities in fast growing, well controlled B2B & B2C businesses in Indonesia.

Investable Indonesia

While investors have largely focused on China and India, Indonesia has over 10 years of strong economic growth & stability. In fact, by end 2021 Indonesia will likely overtake Russia to be the world’s 6th largest economy. In many ways, Indonesia, is just getting started.

270 million people are rapidly entering middle class, education levels are rising, national & regional governments are investing consistently in infrastructure and the economy is already one of the most digital in Asia.

Recent governance & transparency legislation, ease of currency movements and positive changes to investment rules for foreigners combine with these macros to make Indonesia an attractive choice for ex China, Asia investors.

To be part of this growth story, ApsaraPearl is developing easy to understand, investable businesses in specific areas.

  • Market categories that can ride Indonesia's positive economic macros.
  • Product sets that can be reinvented with valuable technical standards.
  • Premium & super premium customers where we have domain lnowledge.
  • Digital business systems, online marketing and ecommerce.
  • Businesses where infrastructure, data management & tight operating processes can be part of a customer value expression.

Our current investment priorities are technical concretes, food & beverage & hospitality. In these spaces, our trademarks include KoncreteKoboi, Taman Beton, Tiga Matahari & FloresSeaFresh.

Construction - Technical Concretes. PT. Sumbawa Apsara Beton.

Trading as KoncreteKoboi

Indonesia is Asia’s second largest construction market. It is surprising then that concretes are largely minimum viable commodities, sold on price by government related monopolies with little innovation or laddering of quality or service.

While modern construction methods have changed, Indonesia still trails :

  • In technical products - super strength, ductile fibres, long retards, fast-slow set polymers..
  • In application methods - like shotcretes.
  • In controlled curing methods.
  • In monitoring technologies – temperature, hardness, moisture.
  • In off-form quality finishes.
  • In use of recycled materials.

Emerging opportunities in construction cannot be solved with yesterday’s technology, average quality & uninterested suppliers. These require site specific experimentation, better materials, more efficient batching technologies & faster more reliable application & monitoring methods.

To win in these spaces, KoncreteKoboi has built a strong technical team and one of the largest & most complete private concrete testing laboratories in Asia. These facilities specialise in mix design, fine analysis of raw materials, curing methods & testing to destruction.

Our laboratories are applied technology areas, allowing us to thoughtfully develop site specific concretes for difficult conditions, high loads, extreme temperatures, earthquakes as well as premium finishes.

We are concrete technologists and designers. No two jobs are the same design, site or project conditions. It’s our passion to design and deliver safe, durable concretes that bring about the lowest cost in use for the project. Our technical team are specialists in bringing together cements, fibres, admixtures, recycled materials and often substandard local aggregates - sands that must sometimes be used to manage cost.

We are distributors of Cement Indonesia (SI) and our technology team works with them to design concretes for water exclusion, salt, sulphate & alkaline inhibition. We are one of Indonesia’s only specialists in micro & macro fibres for shrinkage inhibition, strength improvement & earthquake survivability.

In batching & delivery we can chill, speed, slow, flatten or rise concrete to suit a particular site task. We can put concrete to sleep for up to 12 hours (in Indonesia's heat – no mean feat) then revive and pour. We are specialists in making concretes for shotcrete projects big & small - the more challenging, the better

Having a strong technical team allows us to be the leader in sacrificial in-concrete sensor technologies that allow an accurate assessment of strength development and early assessment of stress cracking.

These are especially important for mass pours, hi stress work and thermal environments like smelters, allowing project managers accurate thermal and moisture control which can trim unnecessary project delays. KoncreteKoboi are one of the only in-concrete Monitoring as a Service (MaaS) providers in Indonesia.

Our technical team acts as a bridge between customers & the operations team.

It is their responsibility to welcome owners representatives to visit and design their project with us.

We encourage customers to visit our plants. They are the cleanest and most organised in Indonesia. We operate only modern, high control digital batching equipment, state of the art short & long boom concrete pumps & an all new fleet of large capacity truck mixers

Contractors, owners engineers and architects seek assurances they are getting what they pay for in quality, quantity and contamination free deliveries.

We see control as a customer edge and so we are always looking to improve the quality level of delivered concretes.

All our deliveries are video recorded and every customer can retrieve their order and delivery details from our cloud based software. All our equipment is well maintained and KoncreteKoboi drivers are trained on correct delivery and contractor site behaviour.

While KoncreteKoboi on occasion supplies government contracts, our core business is retail and commercial projects where concretes must be right first time and the ‘owner’ is often involved directly. Over 70% of KoncreteKoboi customers are repeat buyers.

We build plants for our larger projects. Our most recent innovation is a swift build giga-plant with capacity up to 3,000M3 per day of the most advanced concretes. These are a (relatively) low cost quality leap for smelters, dams, power plants & large residential projects.

Hospitality Concepts - PT Sumbawa Apsara Berlayan

Indonesia has always been an attractive and stable recreation destination for travelers within the region and across the globe.

Bali has always been the headline and sets the pace for global expectations of service and quality from Indonesia.

Further afield, East Indonesia is blessed with extraordinary, unspoiled natural beauty, pristine beaches, excellent recreational fishing, surfing & diving plus amazing produce and a welcoming people.

Add to that, recent improvements in transportation, communication & modern retail centres and Eastern Indonesia with its natural advantage is increasingly garnering travelers, business, leisure, eco & luxury.

The opportunity we are addressing is simple.

Outside of Bali & Lombok – East Indonesia has increasing visitor numbers but few international standard hospitality, food or beverage options.

Its not yet – Bali.

ApsaraPearl is executing two projects under Taman Beton & ApsaraPearl Dining, a business hotel in Eastern Indonesia and East Indonesia's largest co-working space.

The Benete Beach Hotel - Sumbawa Island

A modern 60 room mid market hotel with 2 retail & 3 dining concepts for business, conferences, weddings and events. Directly opposite the beach amidst beautiful gardens 4 minutes from downtown Benete - now under construction.

Tamarind House – Coworking Space

The most advanced coworking and collaborative workspace in East Indonesia.

  • All new building
  • Full staff amenities
  • Change rooms
  • On site restaurant
  • Hi speed internet
  • 24-7 security
  • On site parking
  • Sanitized spaces
  • Conference and meeting rooms
  • Secretarial services available
  • Individual, table and area leases available – by the day, week or month
  • On site larger storage available.

Foods - PT Lombok Apsara Bertani

We source, process, pack and distribute foods, water and beverages in East Indonesia. In two short years ForesSeaFresh has become the largest premium seafood supplier in Eastern Indonesia.

FloresSeaFresh supplies hand caught, Ikejime processed seafood from one location – The Flores Sea.

Our local area sources prime Hamachi, Yellow Fin Tuna, Kingfish, Red & Gold Snapper & Barramundi.

We specialize in Food Service, Organic Fillets for retail and ecommerce

Partner fisherfolk are handpicked based on their adherence to our strict catch, processing and delivery procedure. We never buy from others and we spot check our fishermen on handling practices and ikejime procedures.

Our catch is immediately tagged and chilled but never frozen.

We process on site in FDA level clean rooms and guarantee 24 hours from catch to restaurant – or money back.

Our tracking systems are cloud based - state of the art so you will always know where your produce is. Handling is minimal. We offer whole fish, rough and fine fillets.

Exceptional hand caught, ikeJime killed, fast chilled seafood. Delivered clean and delivered fast - from our team to yours.


We try to be a thoughtful employer and we treat our employees like family, with honesty, inclusiveness and compassion. To win with our customers and consumers, our associates have to revel at the leading edge of technology and our environment. Innovation is the hallmark of the ‘what and how’ we work. We each believe leadership exists in every one of our roles & in every one of our associates. We are proud that our people experiment, to be first, to solve the problems of our industry and to create innovative products. We genuinely seek to be a place where people actually like their work, feel connected to what we believe and the communities where we operate.


We operate ethically and with honesty. Our goal is to do things right. Right by our customers. Right by our suppliers. Right by our family of employees. Right by our community in Sumbawa. Right by the Earth. The right way isn’t always the least cost way or the easy way, but it’s the only way we’re interested in.


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